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Technology in today's world has changed the way of education.  Education has become interactive and is no longer about boring studies.  It is about learning in an interesting and interactive way.  Keeping this in mind we have made learning an enjoyable experience. 


Like minded professionals came together to find innovative ways to educate children.  With us, we have teachers, educationalists, counselors, remedial teachers, IT professionals and most importantly parents for whom teaching their little children matters most.  The experience of parents is varied and they help to understand different ways of learning of a child.


Further a child learns in school and to help the child progress, parents send him for tuitions or coaching classes but, unfortunately neither the school nor the coaching class takes into consideration the pace of the child. 


Some children may understand a particular topic better, while the other may find it difficult. In addition to understanding, learning also requires adequate amount of practice or revision to reproduce information at the time of examination.


Learning by heart is not only boring and time consuming, but there is also the fear that information has to be remembered in a sequence.  If the child forgets a point in the answer he goes blank for everything after it thereby missing a lot in terms of marks.  Schoolingathome as the name suggests, helps the child in learning interactively which allows him/her to recall information/ answers quickly. 


SchoolingAtHome is a personalized study help for children.  We provide learning solutions for all subjects, information on various study related issues, latest trends in study skills, mind mapping techniques to improve learning as well as personal assistance through Skype sessions.  We also provide counseling sessions for students and parents.


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